Where Are You In Life?

Share your life’s story!

What have you gone through, that has brought you to where you are today? Feel free to use this page to discuss your struggle, your achievements, your lessons in life, or whatever you feel needs to be known.

Take this opportunity to build lasting bonds, with like minded people. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, proud, or whatever you feel…just be honest! Express yourself! We’re all here to endure life together! Let us embrace what unites us, while recognizing the beauty of our eccentricities. Now go on, make connections!



2 thoughts on “Where Are You In Life?

  1. What feels like rags to riches… as an old soul coming the end of all things, I feel the accumulated lifetimes of lessons, paying attention and tuning in coming to fruition. Sacred gifts or talents have emerged giving way to the lesson of connecting to the master within. I am amazed daily at the level of connection and the distance of the reach. To what seems impossible to most and straight out of Hollywood, is simply a walk in the park for me. And because it so wild I dare not speak of it. For my friends [of which I can count on one hand] claim they find it absolutely amazing to watch me work, and abundance rains around me. Although my life is just as quiet now that I have everything, then it did when I had nothing. I feel it’s time to embrace what is.

Go on and comment...express yourself! Let's keep the peace, seek knowledge, and philosophize! Let your thoughts be heard...

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