In life, if people insist on only fulfilling specific roles, at certain moments, who are you to change them?

Seeking complete satisfaction from one person is a demanding ordeal and not really fair.

Don’t get me wrong: there’s no need to settle for something you’re unhappy with, but perhaps learning to be content with the reality of each instance will help keep you pleased more often. If you continue to focus on what’s lacking, you’ll fail to notice what’s readily available.

Either way, what one person is not willing to provide, someone else will. That’s the way of the world…

Just because you’re not open enough to spot opportunities, doesn’t mean they’re not there!

Attract everything you need by staying real and living truthfully.

By grace, the Universe will give, but you need the freedom and awareness to know when gratitude must be granted.

With love as the power and purity of your existence, keep your energy in line with what you want, let the world reveal itself, and consciously welcome the goodness of your desires manifested.

All Suicidal People Are the Same…Right?

Series: “The Self and Suicide”

All Suicidal People Are the Same…Right?

With suicide, the ambiguity of such an extreme act has caused people to form misconceptions as to who is suicidal.

Society claims suicidal people are:

  • Stupid
  • Lost
  • Selfish
  • Death‑Seeking
  • Cowards
  • Weak
  • Crazy
  • Lonely
  • Attention‑Seeking
  • Sinners

For suicidal people, certain stressors trigger an overflow of misery, causing a severe breach in one’s threshold for pain. At this point, they will do anything to rid themselves of suffering…the willingness to endure the pain is lost. Desperate for a solution, suicide becomes their only option.

Clearly, with such a harsh portrayal of those who have suicidal tendencies, it’s no wonder why some people feel restricted in talking through their issues. Naturally, we fear facing the judgment, embarrassment, contempt, or ridicule that rests within discussing suicide, it being one of the many taboo topics society feels are better left alone.

Escape the Pain

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Suicide isn’t an escape from life, it’s an escape from pain! If their pain could be lifted, allowing them to be healed, those who contemplate suicide would be able to deal with life. Sadly, this magical remedy isn’t easy to come by.

Anyone can be suicidal. We can’t predict who will reach the point of desired death, nor can we come up with a global understanding of why; with that being said, we must do our best not to criticize.

Instead, we should raise awareness and make an effort to show we care.


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