In life, if people insist on only fulfilling specific roles, at certain moments, who are you to change them?

Seeking complete satisfaction from one person is a demanding ordeal and not really fair.

Don’t get me wrong: there’s no need to settle for something you’re unhappy with, but perhaps learning to be content with the reality of each instance will help keep you pleased more often. If you continue to focus on what’s lacking, you’ll fail to notice what’s readily available.

Either way, what one person is not willing to provide, someone else will. That’s the way of the world…

Just because you’re not open enough to spot opportunities, doesn’t mean they’re not there!

Attract everything you need by staying real and living truthfully.

By grace, the Universe will give, but you need the freedom and awareness to know when gratitude must be granted.

With love as the power and purity of your existence, keep your energy in line with what you want, let the world reveal itself, and consciously welcome the goodness of your desires manifested.

Be Powerful

Series: “Accepting Our Appearance”

Be Powerful

Everyone has freewill of the mind, body, and spirit; this freewill is the authority to govern our identity as we wish. Power is a choice. Power is the peace of strength. Power is attainable if you choose to be powerful.

How we appear to others is determined by how we see ourselves.We must take ownership of who we are!

Rather than obsess over what your appearance can for you, see what can be done for your appearance. We have the power and right to tend to our lives. If there’s room for improvement, make a change.

Circumstances and conditions can make us feel like the victim, but we have the power to define how far our foundation can be manipulated.

If we find a flaw we’re unhappy with, we must ask, “Why is this aspect of my appearance so important to me?” If the answer is something or someone outside of our control, we have to challenge our perception.

We are the architects of our lives. We construct our own reality. When we exist to please others, we take our blueprint for peaceful acceptance and hand it over, affirming, “Please, go ahead, destroy everything. Do whatever you want. Mold me as you wish. I have no say in the matter.”

Why do this?

The power is yours!

Don’t let any external power threaten your inherent right to discover and love who you are.

Our lives are ours to shape, enjoy, and develop.

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How Do You Choose to Cope?

Series: “The Self and Suicide”

How Do You Choose to Cope?

Stress and pain can surface in many forms. Uncomfortable issues are a part of life; some may accept the negative with the hope of better days, but not everyone can see the bright side.

Based upon our reactions, we either build or break our foundation.

Our level of functioning is affected by the coping strategies we choose to enact. If we respond to a negative occurrence with bad behavior or a negative attitude, we’re only furthering the negativity. Rather than make a bad time worse, we should use advanced coping skills to help us get through bad times.

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Even though every day may not be good, there’s hope for a bit of good in every day. Take it easy. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Struggle will always exist; there’s no need to make things harder for ourselves!

Let go of negative thoughts and behavior. As long as we have the ability to choose, options will always be available.

Learn to live!






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