The mind obsesses over realities it can not control.

Control your mind by abandoning the need to be noticed or appreciated. When you stop seeking confirmation, you start accepting freedom.

Be free!

Use this link to get you started: How to Let Go of an All-Consuming and Boundless Obsession


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How do you stop your obsessive tendencies? Any and all tips are welcomed!



With every opportunity, choose wisely: will yourself to win!
Build your character by doing the right things, that are not only right for you, but that are right with the reality you care to manifest. If we imagine our mind is a malleable subject, we can set the rules. Restrict whatever acts against your better nature. Aim to see your TRUE SELF…for all its beauties and distinctions. You are a gift to humanity, as is every other miracle of life.

Stay happy and keep on surviving! Life is a blessing by every breath!



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Past and Future

Look inside the Self!
Time and Space are our tools!

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The past is finite but the future is infinite. The past is useful up to a point. Yet seeking our identity in the past, the past becomes a heavy drag upon consciousness and killer of freedom. The past corresponds to a limitation, to set forms that have come and gone. Yet people define themselves mainly by the past, so binding themselves to the fixed boundaries and the circumscribed habits of personality and group.

The inner self is prophetic, so it is possible to find identity in the light of the future. There is nothing of value in the past that will not be better-born in the future. The value of what was, the soul of it, is always in motion and not long tethered to any time and form. So, when the time is right, let the flowers and melodies of yesterday fade, all their beauty was borrowed from the…

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As sexual creatures, humanity is determined by socially-accepted modes of being. As a way of comfort, we classify people as females or males, but are we mere representations of our private parts? If we think erotically and take no time to think philosophically, we lose the people in between. If we don’t see people for the image they care to portray, we are simply projecting our own prescribed expectations unto others. When we cast our projections unto others, we rob them of their humanity. In this robbing of humanity, we conceive others as nothing more than objects of observation. In turn, we use these objects to help us assess our own existence.

We must recognize each individual as a human being–not a proven model of what a female or a male is expected to be. By estranging this regulated notion of sexuality, we open up new criteria for understanding society. When we are aware of the society we occupy, we come to terms with whatever inherent social pressures are present, pervasive, and prominent.

If we don’t question and dissect, tell me, what else are we doing?



What is the theory of social construction?

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