My Approach to Self-Development

 The Path to Self-Discovery!

Often times, we coast through life, neglecting the many models of inspiration we come across everyday. If we learn to become aware, as to how we register what we are exposed to, we will learn to benefit from our curious search for meaning, in all things. We must use knowledge to enlighten our world!


Why be closed, when there’s so much life has to offer?!


My hopes are to challenge society to become thoughtful observers and promote the search for artistic meaning in life. I want to help and bring happiness, all the while, looking at the depths of the human condition.

To do this, it’s important we recognize the many ways in which an inventive incentive, to be attentive, will change our view of the world. The objective is to learn how to embrace a lifestyle motivated by self‑awareness and effective interaction, along with a sincere willingness to apply the methods and themes presented.

In essence, this blog is meant to assist the quest for self‑fulfillment. Be that as it may, the effects of these ideas will only influence an impression when rigorously applied. We have to make an effort to better ourselves, everyday, in every moment.


With all that being said, I hope my work helps you learn more about yourself, obtain a yearning to improve your life, and embrace the unlimited potential you have within you!

I thank you for undergoing this journey with me, for as much as I intend to teach, I expect to be taught, through long, lasting connections!

Stay smiling, stay blessed, and pursue peace!



Tatiana Noelle Oquendo


12 thoughts on “My Approach to Self-Development

    • Us writers have to stick together 😉
      I hope you enjoy what you find on my page, and, please, any suggestions/comments/input you have would be stupendous!
      Keep writing!


    • Thank you, I hope you continue to enjoy the blog!

      Please, let me know any suggestions or ideas you’d like to read or discuss. I’m always looking for new content!

      Take care.

    • Betty, you’re fabulous! Thank you for the compliment.

      I’m trying to help people and bring happiness to the world, so it means a lot to me that you enjoy what I write.

      Your blog is very developed and extremely inspiring. Your message of love and connectivity is how I want to live my life, so thank you!

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