As sexual creatures, humanity is determined by socially-accepted modes of being. As a way of comfort, we classify people as females or males, but are we mere representations of our private parts? If we think erotically and take no time to think philosophically, we lose the people in between. If we don’t see people for the image they care to portray, we are simply projecting our own prescribed expectations unto others. When we cast our projections unto others, we rob them of their humanity. In this robbing of humanity, we conceive others as nothing more than objects of observation. In turn, we use these objects to help us assess our own existence.

We must recognize each individual as a human being–not a proven model of what a female or a male is expected to be. By estranging this regulated notion of sexuality, we open up new criteria for understanding society. When we are aware of the society we occupy, we come to terms with whatever inherent social pressures are present, pervasive, and prominent.

If we don’t question and dissect, tell me, what else are we doing?



What is the theory of social construction?

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Go on and yourself! Let's keep the peace, seek knowledge, and philosophize! Let your thoughts be heard...

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