10 Mantras to Live by

10 Mantras to Live by

  1. I shall seek security within myself and live on my terms.
  2. I shall make an effort to improve and pursue the possibility of progress.
  3. I shall embrace peace.
  4. I shall honor my life.
  5. I shall accept and appreciate the world.
  6. I shall accommodate uncontrollable circumstances.
  7. I shall be mindful and content with what I already have.
  8. Everything takes time, just as everything is temporary.  Be patient. Be resilient. Be free of desire.
  9. Happiness is the way of love, for it is the love of the way.
  10. Relax. Learn to let go; with solid intentions and conscious action, things will work themselves out.

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2 thoughts on “10 Mantras to Live by

  1. I like the living on MY terms. I’m a bit late to realise the value in that, but boy now I do.

    I remember someone saying, “That’s ok (something came up) – you’ve gotta live life on life’s terms.”

    • Yesss yess, I say, seize the day, seize the day!

      We all have our principles and values, but when the material pleasures of the world are gone, we shall have only our truth to tame our losses; this truth is spurred by the discovery of love in all of life. Letting go of our attachments frees us from the burdens of excess. Humility is the way to harmony and happiness.

      Why must we allow others to influence our state of being? How can we allow our own ego to sabotage our progress?

      Nooo noo, I say, refuse such nonsense!

      We have the means to make our own reality.

      Life is wonderful, as are those who are eager to enjoy it.

      Righteous and strong, we can do no wrong 🙂

      Peace unto you, my friend.

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