How to Appreciate Ourselves

Series: “Accepting Our Appearance”

How to Appreciate Ourselves

What is the truth of life?

Every moment is an opportunity to see the truth of who we are.




What creates happiness? How do you define wellness? Are your thoughts in harmony with the existence you crave?



Does life exhaust you or does life excite you? Do you feel good in your body? What boosts your energy?

Treat yourself!

Life is about finding fulfillment.

Everything is a system of binaries—be aware of the continuum of choice and action.

Discover what works for you!




Make a list of…

  1. Places you want to go.
  2. The little things you want in life (internal goals, not external things).
  3. The big things you want in life (what you see yourself doing and having in the future—the BIG picture).



  1. Center yourself by acknowledging your present state of being. Channel energy into being positive and in balance. Create your own reality. Let the world see how life is to be respected and appreciated by developing the strength and awareness to know what’s best.
  2. Silence the yearnings of the ego. Make the time and effort to care by paying attention to the details. Aspire for a solid identity and a solid life. Be your own best friend—don’t depend on others for comfort.
  3. Indulge in paradoxical thinking; instead of seeing opposites compete, see how everything must be balanced by something else. Find what balances you and what you do!
  4. Put yourself to good use. Love the vessel you’ve been gifted with by doing what benefits you! Go with the flow. Your body survives on water, so drink up! Speaking of water, go for an invigorating swim! Use your body to get your blood pumping! Go to the local ice arena—float across the ice and spin around a bit. Do indoor rock‑climbing or play any sport that challenges you (perhaps basketball, golf, or boxing). Push your body by exploring the land (maybe a hike, boat trip, or soothing bike ride).
  5. Leave your stress behind and take a walk. Become one with nature. Be attuned with your environment. Spark up the sensitivity of your nerves and their susceptibility to stimuli. Realize that you are one of the many—a piece of the whole. Listen to the harmony of life and how it manifests through nature, animals, and people. Observe the scenery. Taste the air.
  6. Accept opportunities by inviting new, fun things into your life. Laugh as much possible. Read something—appreciate your ability to think and learn. Cater to your talents and skills. Find a hobby and stick with it. See what peaks your interest within the world of arts, music, and education. Go see a performance show, like a play or an opera. Visit museums. See fantastic movies. Blast some music and rock out! Find your favorite tune and belt out your finest vocals. Dance around. Get jiggy.
  7. Use subconscious suggestion. Be convinced of a better existence. Take control. Your life is yours to live! Honor that power. Live by positive affirmations because the suggestive power of the mind is unlimited.
  8. Master Mantras. Mantras are positive declarations; they create a meditative peace, develop awareness, and heighten self‑worth. Repeat your best mantras and see how they alleviate stress and build confidence. Personalize ones for yourself.




List five things you want in life (nothing with your looks).

Everyday, in the morning and at night, say the list, out loud, word for word.

INSIDE THE SELF: Initially, your mind will resist.  Keep with it.  Unconditional reinforcement will manifest change. Start to believe these things. Let growth come your way.

OUTSIDE THE SELF: When you feel the need to do something to better yourself, keep it to yourself. Don’t share your desires—there’s no need for approval or attention. Don’t give anyone the chance to hinder your hopes and dreams.


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10 thoughts on “How to Appreciate Ourselves

  1. I involved you in the blogosphere’s equivalent of a chain letter by nominating you for a Liebster Award. It’s kind of a pain, but you can find details at my blog.
    I just realized you may have too many followers, but this has taken too much time already.

  2. Okay, I created a list of “2013 Desires” that have nothing to do with food, fitness or whatever, except that I have to be healthy in order to do a couple of them. I’ve also started working on mantras for myself a couple of weeks ago. I printed out the list and am going to hang it on my fridge. Thanks. 🙂

    • That’s fantastic! I’m so happy you’re progressing!

      Visual reinforcement is definitely an effective tool…the more positive things we’re surrounded with, the more opportunities we have for a change in perspective.

      I use mantras all the time! If I need a little pick-me-up or a way to chill down, the constant repetition has a serious tranquilizing effect! It takes time to master, but it can be done.

      At this rate, imagine how different your life will be, in only a few months from now…

      Keep it up!

  3. For me, running and reading make me feel better. When I’ve had a bad day, both help me in different ways to boost my self-integrity. Running allows me to focus and reflect on every aspect of my self, and reading helps me to develop new perspectives on life’s hardships. If I didn’t have either of these hobbies, I honestly feel like I would be a different person. Both have truly helped me to grow over the years.

    • I use to run all the time…”pound the pavement”, as they say. The fresh air and exercise helped alleviate stress.

      I like your take on why you read…” to develop new perspectives on life’s hardships”.

      Reading is a useful habit to get into, for obvious reasons!

      I enjoy reading magazines, when I can. I have to make more time for it.

      My favorite thing to do is watch movies. For me, they’re story books in action. I love to see how I can identify with the aspects of the plot and various characters…it helps me relax, but stay aware.

      In any case, if there’s a way to grow and understand ourselves, along with the world around us, it seems good to me!

  4. Your series “Accepting Our Appearance” really resonates with me, I completely agree with your perspective on how one should perceive his/herself…and being a woman that has pushed for perfection in everything especially my appearance… I am my own best friend and my own worst enemy…

    • You are a very strong woman, so it’s no surprise you can relate.

      I too, have always pushed for perfection. I find security in structure…peace in control.

      When things aren’t going the way I expect, I’m really hard on myself. I like things in order and when they’re not, I turn into another person. I’m my own best friend, but because I know the best of what I can be, I refuse to settle for less. In that way, I’m my own worst enemy.

      When unpredictable, unwarranted, and disheartening things occur, it totally disturbs and angers me. I’m a very passionate person and, when I’m not in the right mindset, it translates into extreme shocks of uncontrollable intensity.

      As I’ve continued to grow and seek improvement, I’ve had to learn to let go. I’ve had to teach myself to take a hold of my own logic and emotional state. If I don’t monitor my actions, I fall victim to them.

      We understand what it’s like to know who we are, but self-awareness comes at a price. The more conscious we are, the more heightened our experiences can be…the good can be wonderful, yet the bad can be quite horrible.

      We have to remember to take it easy. If we let the bad outweigh the good, it’s our own decision. In the end, we’re the ones who have the final say. We have to make sure our words are worth the effort. The challenges we’re dealt are meant to shake us up, give us a new way of seeing things…how we choose to take it all in, is up to us.

      • I honestly have never conversed with another person whose perspective or awareness of oneself is so close to mine… its really refreshing most people, take in my point of view as conceeded or egotistcal…and again I genuinly appreciate your posts… and you are a strong woman too…to be able to realize the reality of who you are and love who you are is something most of the people in this world lack…and need so much 🙂

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