Series: “Accepting Our Appearance”

Series: “Accepting Our Appearance”

Series Introduction

I will be issuing a series of posts, with the focus on “Accepting Our Appearance”.

Everyday, we must do our best to combat our insecurities and doubts. I want us to gain awareness as to how we see ourselves, along with identifying the roots of our uncertainties.

Learning to accept ourselves is essential to being content with life. In order to progress, we must be satisfied with our present state of being.

If the importance of appearance exceeds our ability to enjoy life, extreme consequences can surface. Unfortunately, frustration with one’s appearance risk acquiring an obsession with “fixing” their perceived flaws; this is how body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and mood disorders can develop. I will use an interview, the book Wasted, in addition to the documentaries Baby Faced Body Builders and Thin, to assist in exhibiting some precarious cases, related to our discussion.

All in all, I want us to create a balance within ourselves, attain healthy perspectives regarding self‑improvement, and come to accept and love who we are.

Let the enlightenment begin!

Table of Link Contents

1.Degrading the Details

2.Be Powerful

3.How to Appreciate Ourselves

4.The Interview: A Voice to be Heard

5.Book Review: Wasted

6.A Comparison to See: Watching the Documentaries Thin and Baby Faced Body Builders

7.Challenge Yourself!


4 thoughts on “Series: “Accepting Our Appearance”

  1. As shallow as it may sound…I have always believed that no one can ever love you more than you can love yourself…if you don’t love yourself how can you accept love from others?

    • Thank you for your thoughts. I completely agree.

      I don’t feel what you think sounds shallow, at all…I think it sounds healthy and realistic!

      Many people struggle their whole lives trying to figure out why they never feel loved; it all starts with understanding and coming to love who you are, in every aspect.

      There’s a big difference between arrogance and self-worth, but I think it’s all about being aware and humble; that’s the best way to sustain inner peace and harmony.

      I’m happy to see you feel this way; it shows you’re on the right path!

      All the more reason to help others gain a similar perspective…

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