Poem: The Daze of the Bad Days

The Daze of the Bad Days

The bad days will banish,

My feelings of fire.

They kill my dreams,

They hinder my desires.

The pain of an impasse,

Is impossibly strong.

How can I break you,

When I,

Am in the wrong?

Stuck in myself,

I know not what to do…

How does one break free,

To seek all that is true?

How can I face,

The fears of the many?

How can I learn,

The hopes of the few?

My my, little one…

You must learn to see!

The sickness of life,

Is not the sickness of me.

Yes yes,

I say,

The bad days will pass!

Never forget,

All things are temporal…

Lives must be lived,

To be progressive and plentiful.

-Tatiana Noelle Oquendo


6 thoughts on “Poem: The Daze of the Bad Days

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  2. Thanks for finding my blog. I look forward to reading more here.I started sharing my story of healing and quickly received so much more. Thank you for what you are doing.
    Much love-

    • Thank you for being so real, with your own struggle! Truly, the more open we are, the more opportunities come our way.

      We all struggle…it’s how we surface from the pain, that counts!

      Everyday is a chance to better ourselves; it’s our job to heal and rebuild.

      Best of luck to you on your journey…

      All love,

      • Thank you. I hope by being real, I might encourage others to do the same.
        Not sure how to reach back, exactly. Continuing with my own journey seems to be part of it.

  3. I hope you don’t mind but I printed this out to put on my fridge. It so perfectly expresses the ‘struggle’ that I want to read it every morning. Thanks

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