The Ones Left Behind

Series: “The Self and Suicide”

The Ones Left Behind

For those who are suicidal, there’s always the question: “If I died today, who would be affected?”

In deciding to commit suicide, these are the common responses:

  1. No one will notice
  2. No one will care
  3. Everyone would be better off

People who contemplate suicide may acknowledge their close relationships, affirming who their death will impact, yet to follow through with the suicide, they resort to the aforementioned rationalizations. Living to benefit the lives of others, simply prolongs the suicidal person from their ultimate escape.

Suicide's Effect on Loved Ones

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After someone kills themselves,  the death will have to be dealt with it. The ones who have to address the suicide, range from loved ones, the authorities, or the government; if an individual’s life is taken, someone has to respond to it.

The suicide survivors  are left wondering why the person killed themselves, along with what could’ve been done to prevent it.

After an individual commits suicide, the ones left behind  have a difficult time comprehending the situation. The reactions to death by suicide differ, but what’s important is learning how to deal with the loss, along with managing the inevitable grief .

No matter what, after an act of suicide, there will always be someone left to pick up the pieces. We must stay strong. While there’s no cure for suicidal thoughts, there is strength in numbers; we must remember how our actions will affect those around us. If we can, it is our obligation to reach out and support one another.

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2 thoughts on “The Ones Left Behind

  1. So true. Many times people don’t realize how many people actually care about them. It’s so important to let those close to us know how much we care and realize that there are people out there who love us!

    • I know that’s right!

      We might not express our love or care as often as we should, but every waking moment grants us the chance to try.

      If we see someone who’s having a tough time, we should reach out: give them a smile or get involved…we never know the difference we can make!

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