THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK [REBLOG THOUGHTS]: When we interact with people, our opinions may get the best of us. Being passionate is one thing…being narrow-minded is another. Living as an individual in society, it’s important we recognize the proper conventions of etiquette and respect.

Feel free to solidify your stance, no matter what the topic is, but remember to be graceful. An idea will be well received if it is given properly, rather than too harshly. If we feel strongly about something, by all means, we have the right to express ourselves!

All I’m saying is, would we rather just talk away, with our thoughts floating and never taking hold, or would we rather make an impression? We must be aware of what we speak, along with how speak…our words are a representation of the self…no doubt about that!

The Yada Yada Yada

The situation: Jerry and Elaine are at a dinner with distant members of Jerry’s family, hosted by his elderly relative, Monya. He has not seen or spoken to these people in years and he and Elaine are grasping for things to talk about. They are so desperate that they begin to discuss the quality of the peas with unusual enthusiasm:

“These peas are bursting with country fresh flavor!”

And after that, Jerry’s mom brings up racehorses, which prompts Elaine to mention her opinion on ponies:

Elaine: What about ponies, huh? What kind of abnormal* is that? And those kids that had their own ponies.

Jerry: Oh, I know. I hated those kids. In fact, I hate anyone that ever had a pony growing up.

Monya: I had a pony!

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Go on and yourself! Let's keep the peace, seek knowledge, and philosophize! Let your thoughts be heard...

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