Making the Most of Life

MAKING THE MOST OF LIFE [REBLOG THOUGHTS]: When we feel disconnected on the inside, it’s hard to make connections on the outside. We may have the desire to know what it’s like to care, but what do we do if our logic convinces us, there’s simply no reason to? Our mind tells us, “Don’t bother…it’s pointless. Don’t waste your energy. Don’t waste your time. Stay guarded. Believe me, it’s better this way.”

We limit ourselves by the internal laws of life we create. If we feel no one will understand us…no one will. If we feel no one will care for us…no one will. If we think, “Who is no one?”, the answer is, EVERYONE.

When we feel a situation is shady or makes us uncomfortable, we dismiss it into another generality…something that makes sense. When we toss off an issue, as another absolute, we withhold the opportunity to discover the divinity existing within the details.

We must make an effort to make an effort. We must search to see the unseen. If we don’t pressure ourselves to know the unknown, we will associate our safety and peace with shunning society.

The world is a wonderfully demented place to explore and interpret; it is dichotomous in nature. There is always something to contradict one point or another; with that being said, we must try to be proactive in producing the positive. The negative will always be there…it’s our job to negate it.


2 thoughts on “Making the Most of Life

  1. I really like you thoughts on your reblog! I am one of those people to considers the majority of people acquaintances and only calls very,very, very few people “friends.” I have to say that this was a very insightful perspective; refreshing.

    • Thank you!

      I’m happy you can relate; it’s difficult to harvest genuine relationships, but when we do, it can be quite rewarding!

      I have a small circle too, but it’s good we do our best to stay truthful….from what I’ve seen, real attracts real!

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