Watching The Virgin Suicides

Series: “The Self and Suicide”

Watching The Virgin Suicides

WATCH: The movie The Virgin Suicides

Take note of the following:

  • Characters: Who do you identify with? Who do you feel is highly susceptible to suicide?
  • Mood: Are there any points, in time and essence, you feel you can relate to? When do you feel sudden rushes of emotion?
  • Setting: Do you feel trapped by your circumstances? How much do your immediate surroundings affect you?
  • Personal Response: If you knew the Lisbon sisters, how would you react to them? Would you befriend them or ostracize them?
  • Role Play: If you lost a sibling or parent to suicide, what would you do?
  • Emotions: If someone kills themselves, is it wrong to make it known? With suicide being a sensitive subject, should you address those affected by the aftermath or is it best to let them come to you?
  • Society: What part do the townspeople play in what happens to the Lisbon sisters?

All Five Libson Sisters

Image Credit

The Lisbon sisters are notorious, young and attractive; to the town, they are mysterious and intriguing. We can’t always judge people by how they appear to be…the secrets held within, determine our true identity.

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