How Do You Choose to Cope?

Series: “The Self and Suicide”

How Do You Choose to Cope?

Stress and pain can surface in many forms. Uncomfortable issues are a part of life; some may accept the negative with the hope of better days, but not everyone can see the bright side.

Based upon our reactions, we either build or break our foundation.

Our level of functioning is affected by the coping strategies we choose to enact. If we respond to a negative occurrence with bad behavior or a negative attitude, we’re only furthering the negativity. Rather than make a bad time worse, we should use advanced coping skills to help us get through bad times.

Peace in Proper CopingImage Credit


Even though every day may not be good, there’s hope for a bit of good in every day. Take it easy. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Struggle will always exist; there’s no need to make things harder for ourselves!

Let go of negative thoughts and behavior. As long as we have the ability to choose, options will always be available.

Learn to live!






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