Series: “The Self and Suicide”

Series: “The Self and Suicide”

Series Introduction

I will be issuing a series of posts, with a focus on “The Self and Suicide”.

While death is a natural part of life, suicide is the deliberate taking of one’s life. When we engage in self‑destructive  and self‑defeating behaviors, we pressure Death’s progress. In the world, more people die from suicide than from homicide.

I want us to view the misconceptions of suicide, along with the degrees in which we put ourselves in harm’s way.  As we become aware of how we may take life for granted, we offer ourselves the chance to change.

Hopefully, we can grow to be grateful, kind, and make an effort to love the world, and most importantly, ourselves.

After we work through some of our ideas, I will use the movie The Virgin Suicides  and the documentary The Bridge to help us put our teachings into action.

Let the enlightenment begin!

Table of Link Contents 

  1. How Do You Choose to Cope?
  2. Understanding What Hurts Us: The Problems of Pain
  3. Are You Suicidal?
  4. All Suicidal People Are the Same…Right?
  5. Watching The Virgin Suicides
  6. The Ones Left Behind
  7. Watching The Bridge
  8. Challenge Yourself!

Go on and yourself! Let's keep the peace, seek knowledge, and philosophize! Let your thoughts be heard...

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