How Would Others Describe You?

Series: “Am I a Good Person?”

How Would Others Describe You?

A common saying is, “I don’t care what people think”. Realistically, you should; the world is a place meant to be shared, with all of us learning to coexist. Now don’t get me wrong, we should never allow ourselves to be confined to the pressures or expectations of others…your life is yours and yours alone. What I mean is, it’s crucial we at least acknowledge how we are seen by others. Do you allow your personality traits to be readily seen by those around you?

how others see you

To clarify, ask yourself: do you think you are approachable or intimidating? Do you lie or make an effort to be truthful? Are you rude or kind? Do you socialize or are you a recluse? Are your friendships authentic connections or do you see and rank others by how useful they are to you?

At the end of the day, it feels good to know you made someone smile or laugh, offered sincere advice, or even held the door for someone who was walking behind you. The more you try to “be a good person”, the better you will feel.

This doesn’t mean to live your life for others, but you should start to see how you can influence and better the world around you.

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